Letter to Struggling Dancers

Ballet is a wonderful art full of self expression, beauty and grace! So many little girls wish they could be a ballerina and grow up idolizing the girls in the tutus and tiaras. It’s a world full of magic, glitter, and princesses!

Not all little girls who walk into a ballet studio emerge as a ballerina. It takes years of training, dedication, and a strong personality. The best ballet dancers are perfectionists to their craft, but also know that they must maintain their body to achieve perfection, they also realize that perfection may always be out of reach. Behind the curtain, ballet is a lot of work! It’s day in, day out dedication! Daily classes in the morning followed by hours of rehearsals. On top of that are gym sessions, pilates classes, massages, physical therapy, acting classes, music classes the list goes on! When do ballet dancers have time to eat?

Well, we MUST MAKE time. It does get very easy to be swept up into this image that only ballerinas that are skin and bone can be professional. I feel those days are over. I love seeing ballet dancers that have beautiful defined muscles, these are the dancers that are gracing the world stage as international stars! These are the dancers that appear to be daredevils that can accomplish triple fouette turns at the end of Swan Lake! If you don’t think these women eat and maintain their bodies, you are wrong!

I write this in hopes that young girls realize that ballet is not about how skinny you can be, or being skinnier than the dancer next to you. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and finding your inner expression within your body. The body that God has blessed you with! The best dancers are those that are the most in tune with their bodies. They keep their bodies working like a well oiled machine. This takes nutrients! How do you get nutrients? By eating real food! Real food is full of proteins, complex carbs and fat, not processed sugars and partially hydrogenated oils (think oreos and potato chips).

Young girls struggle so much with body image without having the harsh realities of the ballet world on top of it! If you are struggling with body image issues, have an eating disorder or recovering from an eating disorder, please seek help! The best people to reach out to first are the one’s who love you the most! Your Parents, family, and friends. I’m sure even your dance teacher can help you! Seek guidance from a nutritionist or a doctor to help you in your road to being the best and strongest dancer that you can be!

With Love-
Jessica, The Fitterina Ballerina

**Disclaimer- I am not a doctor and am not going to provide any sort of medical advice on my blog. I am also not a therapist and will not be attempting to treat any one with an eating disorder on my blog. Additionally anyone that may be reading this blog for eating disorder tips or tricks…this is not the blog for you.**



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