Sisters of the Moon: Behind the Scenes at the Event’s Photo Shoot

Sister’s of the Moon is a local Denver event hosted by Lori ‘Bella’ Clayton to pay tribute to the Queen of Rock N’ Roll, the beautiful and talented Stevie Nicks.

I was asked to perform as a the Rock N’ Roll Ballerina in the show and as such was involved in the photo shoot put on by the show’s Co-Producer Chris Edmondson.

All girls love glitter, lace, and pretty shoes, so today was such a fun day! Add to that the opportunity to be the model behind the lens.

Here’s a look at some of the fun of the day!

We started with a hair and face Make Over.

Lori Bella getting make up complete.

Bella's Make Up

Bella getting her Hair Extensions.

Hair Extensions

Me! Post Make Up and Hair

Made Up

Costume Props

Costume Props
We got to pick some beautiful costume props: Gloves, Hats, Shawls and Jewelry.

The Rock N’ Roll Ballerina is ready!

Rock N' Roll Ballerina

I was actually wearing my mom’s original wedding dress, however she couldn’t actually wear it, because by the time the wedding day came around she was pregnant with yours truly 😀

Next we were ready to move to our first shoot location. A little horse ranch. We liked the country feel and charm of the site with the white picket fence, and brick gate. So we started shooting.

Country Bumpkin

Country Bumpkin

Close Up Serenity

Close Up Serenity

Lori ‘Bella’

Lori Bella

Sneak Peek: White Picket Fences

White Picket Fences

Check back soon for the final images!

View these images and more on my Instagram

For More on the Sisters of the Moon:

Sisters of the Moon

Hair and Make Up- Chris Edmondson


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